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About me

I am an internationally known psychic medium and tarot card counselor servicing a global clientelle. I opened to my psychic gifts in a near-death experience early in my life. Since the beginning of my practice in 1984, I have helped thousands of clients from all corners of the world. I have hosted and been hosted on a number of radio and television programs as well as featured in two beautiful documentaries by Anthony Chene: BEYOND OUR SIGHT and FROM THE OTHER SIDE.

I frequently travel throughout the U.S. for speaking engagements. I work with groups of clients, conduct psychic parties and spirit gatherings, and participate in holistic and metaphysical expositions.

My sessions are a powerful combination of tarot, psychic mediumship, and a keen empathic sensitivity. All this gives me the ability to understand the emotions of others which adds great benefit to my sessions.

In the course of any session, I see and interpret tarot as a general outline of the subject matter, and simultaneously receive messages visually and audibly with great sensitivity. All my sessions are conducted in a gentle and compassionate manner.

I can help you determine how to avoid and navigate life’s difficult passages and aid you in your journey toward more joy, love and overall sense of fulfillment.

I now offer my services by telephone, Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype. Click here for availability and rates.

It is my joy to be of service. I look forward to working with you!

COVID-19 Announcement


Due to Shelter In Place orders in response to the Coronavirus emergency, consultations will be conducted by phone and video chat only until further notice!

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