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Essential Oil of the Month July 2016

In writing the tarot forecasts for July, I thought it might to be a good idea to do an essential oil of the month as well. Each month, I will highlight an essential oil for the month and note its physical, emotional, and spiritual properties.

Wild Orange

The Oil of Abundance

It put a smile on my face as I began to research Wild Orange. The oil of the month, and the tarot forecasts are intertwined with intricate similarities. Isn’t it interesting that the oil of abundance has arrived on the scene at this time when so much focus is put on the world economy and the numbers of fearful statements that are being put out into the world about loss and scarcity. Wild Orange addresses scarcity, dull, low and stagnate energies. It is an inexpensive oil to invest in. The DoTerra family of citrus oils are in expensive and absolutely delicious.

UntitledThe properties of Wild Orange Essential Oils:

  • Inspires abundance
  • Fosters creativity
  • Supports a positive mood
  • Restores physical energy
  • Aids in times of transition
  • Reconnects individuals with their inner child
  • Brings JOY, FUN and PLAY into our lives
  • Aids in releasing the sense of scarcity
  • Problem solving
  • Mental agility
  • Strengthens faith

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