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Essential Oil Of The Month September 2016

As the leaves begin to change as we transition into Autumn the spicy sent of this summery oil instills love, trust, honesty and harmonious flow. Geranium The Oil of Love & Trust The Properties of Geranium: Heals the broken heart Restores trust Forgiveness Fosters receptivity to human love and connection Facilitates the emergence of suppressed … Continued

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Essential Oil of the Month July 2016

In writing the tarot forecasts for July, I thought it might to be a good idea to do an essential oil of the month as well. Each month, I will highlight an essential oil for the month and note its physical, emotional, and spiritual properties. Wild Orange The Oil of Abundance It put a smile … Continued

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Essential Oils To Promote Restful Sleep and Mental Agility

Essentially Speaking:    Essential Oils To Promote Restful Sleep and Mental Agility    Essential oils are an excellent aid for a deeper, more restful night’s sleep, or to bring about stimulation and more energy. These are a few that top the list: Lavender – is one of natures most versatile oils with many uses. It … Continued

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