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Essential Oil Of The Month September 2016

As the leaves begin to change as we transition into Autumn the spicy sent of this summery oil instills love, trust, honesty and harmonious flow.


The Oil of Love & Trust

The Properties of Geranium:Untitled

  • Heals the broken heart
  • Restores trust
  • Forgiveness
  • Fosters receptivity to human love and connection
  • Facilitates the emergence of suppressed grief and pain
  • Softens anger
  • Opens the heart allowing love to flow freely
  • Shifts one from the logical mind and into the heart
  • Nurturing of the self
  • Connection with the inner child
  • The oil of emotional healing
  • Accessing emotions
  • Emotional focus
  • Gentle for babies and children


Geranium 15 ml   $36.00


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