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Hosted Parties And Events

Terry often travels throughout the country to participate in psychic expos, as well as corporate and privately hosted reading parties and clairvoyant spirit gatherings. Parties and gatherings are an excellent way to experience the power of psychic readings, and they are so much fun!

Psychic Parties and Spirit Circles

Psychic Reading Parties are hosted by you. You have your friends and loved ones confirm their desire for a consultation with Terry. These consultations are provided one on one in a private room. The fee is based on the length of readings, the number of confirmed participants, and the distance traveled.

Spirit Circles (A NIGHT WITH SPIRIT) are hosted by you. You have your friends and loved ones gather for a Spirit Circle in which Terry provides clairvoyant and afterlife communication which are offered individually, but as part of a group experience. These gatherings are intimate, transforming, and engaging for everyone.

Inspirational Speaking

Terry has proven to be a phenomenal inspirational speaker on various spiritual subject matters. The story of his spiritual journey is inspirational and impactful. Among other topics covered, he discusses the awakening of his spiritual gifts through multiple Near-Death Experiences (NDE’s), his experiences with devout fundamentalist Christianity, and further spiritual awakenings through his heart-centered connection to spirit.

“I heard Terry speak at an IANDS meeting tonight. (IANDS is the International Association for Near Death Studies.) His talk, or should I say audience interaction, was absolutely mesmerizing. He spoke with such love, such humor, such humility that I felt completely transported out of the room and into the spirit dimension. When people asked questions, he leaned in toward them and answered them and then asked if he had answered their questions and did they have anything else to ask. He is kind, considerate, a truly loving soul. I don’t think I have ever heard someone speak with such compassion and such love for people. And, Terry is funny, too! I cannot tell you how many times I broke into giggles and laughter. The world should hear Terry’s story!!!”

Nancy S.
Santa Barbara, CA


Interested in hosting a party or event? Send me a message!

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Due to Shelter In Place orders in response to the Coronavirus emergency, consultations will be conducted by phone and video chat only until further notice!

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