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Tarot Forecast for July 10 – 20, 2016

The draw for this Tarot Forecast is the Three of Cups. The three of cups is another card of praise and celebration; it is the messenger of good news, clarification, unity, and prosperity. I would like to note that it is common for the Three of Cups to have strong feminine leanings; meaning it often represents feminine victories and or events high in feminine energy such as engagements, wedding announcements, and announcements about pregnancies or childbirth. The meaning of this card is not limited to this, but it is important to mention the feminine leanings of this card. For the general masses, it represents victories and celebrations, clarifications, and the evidence of the fruits of one’s labor. The Three of Cups is a card of harvest and movement toward abundance. An interesting point about this particular tarot forecast: Is that it is during this period that I will be conducting my first wedding in Sanibel Island, FL. Overall, this card representing this period of time would represent movement toward continued improvements in communication, relationships of all kinds, and overall wellbeing. This card of joy has the ability to reign down in abundance, but with a great accentuation of empowerment for women and things feminine. This could represent victories of women, and deepening of spiritual thinking, as well as bringing softness to the general order of life.

Tarot forecasts are like reading a horoscope in the newspaper or magazine. It is an observation for the general public based on the drawing of one card for every ten day period of the month. Check in on July 20, 2016 for the next forecast relating to July 20-31, 2016.

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