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Are Readings By Phone, Skype, and FaceTime Equally Effective? How Do They Work?


I just received an e-mail from a past client who presented me with a question frequently asked of me:

Are readings by telephone, Skype, or FaceTime equally effective?  How do they work? In responding to this client’s query, I realized that this would be excellent to share on my website blog.

The truth is yes, readings by phone or video chat platforms are equally effective.  In actuality, using these devices can actually augment energies, making information flow and reception more vibrant and for lack of a better term, more colorful. Over the years I have had some amazing information presented to me during sessions done remotely.  Interaction with clients in this way allows energies to flow directly from the ethereal and not from physical connection.  As a general rule, the human experience is that the mind is a battleground for most people.  During physical connections, distractions with clients can in some cases effect energy flow and create static.  This is not to say that I prefer remote sessions over sessions done in the same physical space.  I do prefer to interact directly.  I really enjoy interacting with my clients.  I am simply reporting that these two types of readings are done in slightly different ways on my end, like tuning into one frequency or another.  I have learned where and how to tune for each experience.

Most people who have had a reading in person are confused how a reading can be done remotely.  This is because when a client comes to me in person, I ask them to put their energies into the cards by vigorously mixing the deck from hand to hand.  This is preferred over standard shuffle, which is more mathematical in process.

The process is slightly different conducting readings remotely.  As described above, I personally shift my intention and focus to the ethereal frequency and connect with my clients.  During this process, I ask that a client focus on their questions and the subjects they want to focus on in their session. To create energetic interaction between us I ask that a client tell me when they feel complete and when to stop mixing. The cards are then placed on the table for interpretation.

For me, a tarot spread works like an outline. Subject matter is presented to me and information filters in.  I do ask before beginning a reading what subject matter needs attention and what specific questions need answers.  The reason for this is to create a quicker and clearer connection.  In essence, the advice of questions to be answered and subjects to be reviewed is like presenting me a table of contents, giving me the ability to know where to go and upon what to focus.   Standardly, as a connection is made and communication between me, spirit and a client is established, information begins to flow, and most commonly much more is discussed than that which was initially asked.

Generally, as a reading begins, and subject matter is presented for review, I will ask very general questions of a client to clarify energy and establish a deeper connection.  For example, when a question involves another person, I will ask,

“What is his name?  What is his birthday? How long have you dated? What is his work?”

Although these questions may have nothing to do with the questions being asked, the answers create a deeper sense of communication between me and a client, and aid me in clarifying the senses I am receiving. It is a simple tuning technique.

The more open a client is, the stronger their reading will be and the clearer the information received will be.   Most importantly, anyone getting any type of reading should approach it with an open mind and heart.  Healthy skepticism is encouraged, but intentions on both ends need to be intentions of the highest good.

I would highly recommend anyone, who has not experienced a reading done remotely to give it a try.  I feel confident that the experience would be of benefit and quite positive.  It’s always a lovely experience to hold space together, and see a smiling face,  but readings done remotely, by phone, or video web chat are an equally effective experience.  Additionally, be confident that if indeed remote services were not equally effective, I simply would not offer them.

I hope this post brings more clarity and light to anyone who may have considered and questioned the process and effectiveness of readings conducted remotely.

I’d love to work with you!

With Love and Light,


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