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Emergence Healing Arts is Now ROHA Center for the Healing Arts

Effective July 1, 2016 Emergence Healing Arts Studio will change hands and formally have a new name: ROHA Center for the Healing Arts. This is the vision of Dr. Zohreh Sadeghi Ay.D who will formally take the helm of our center. Zohreh is a doctor of Ayurvedic medicine. In addition to her practice, we have … Continued

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Tarot Forecast for October 2015

The first card falling for the October 2015 Tarot Forecast is the Four of Wands.  This first card of my updated Tarot Forecast represents the overall general focus and flow of energy for the entire month of October.. The Four of Wands is a card of general harmony and well being; a card of celebration and … Continued

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A Visual Testimony

Something that I have become aware of over the years doing my work, is that when certain information comes in certain ways, it can be of extreme importance and accuracy. Maps are usually one such aspect that I received with great accuracy. Several years ago, a client came in and told me he would be … Continued

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COVID-19 Announcement


Due to Shelter In Place orders in response to the Coronavirus emergency, consultations will be conducted by phone and video chat only until further notice!

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