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Tarot Forecast for October 2015

The first card falling for the October 2015 Tarot Forecast is the Four of Wands.  This first card of my updated Tarot Forecast represents the overall general focus and flow of energy for the entire month of October.. The Four of Wands is a card of general harmony and well being; a card of celebration and the drawing close of those you know and love.  In work matters, this card can represent an upcoming milestone, most likely a point in which the fruits of one’s labor can be much more visible.  With the general energy this month coming from this particular card, do not hesitate to take a moment to pat yourself on the back for any and all achievements regardless of how great or small. Most importantly, make strides this month to see the good in all things. I often view the fall of the Four of Wands as self discovery.  That said, this appears to be a great time to slow things down, take a deep breath, and to review and revamp the directions you wish to take in your life.  This is very much in alignment with the fact that Mercury is retrograde until October 9.  The retrograde motion of Mercury is not a period that one should pull the covers over the head and hide, but in actuality a time in which breaking things down, and reviewing issues to the finest detail have greatest potential to bring about much more clarity; seeing things from a perspective that may not have even been considered enables the probability of creating even greater outcomes.   Following the flow of cards for the remainder of the month, it looks like the silver lining may be a bit more clearly evident after the first week of the month.  There is a strong shift visible in the cards following that which falls for the first week.

The second card placed, represents the first week of the month and in this position the Seven of Cups falls. This is a card of illusion vs reality.  It urges us to be cautious in our decisions, our visions, interpretations, and in that which we wish to manifest. Do not easily take stock in what appears on the surface.  Dig deep to find the true essences before you.  The Seven of Cups can represent a time in which emotions have the ability to be strongly charged and have the capability of leading or misleading.  The Seven of Cups brings advice to remain calm, centered, and protected in all aspects. Act slowly having viewed issues from all vantage points. Be long in examination and slow in very important decisions. Often when this card appears representing timed aspects it can represent a period in which a lot of mixed energies can be occurring simultaneously; events of great joy and positive flow or strong events of sadness, difficulty, or setback occurring in short succession.  Rest assured this is a temporary energy and soon to pass.  If there is the ability to postpone travel, strong communications, important decisions, or starting new projects, the first week of October would be a good time to consider taking that option.  If time requires instant action, center yourself and reaffirm within your heart and mind the integrity of your intended outcome.  Be kind and do small things with great love this week.  We never know what those around us are experiencing. Spreading good energies this week, and always, merits even greater positive returns.

The card falling in place for the second week of October is The World.  This is an incredible shift of energies; the World being the very best card of the tarot!  The World represents conclusion, achievement, victory, and  success.  The World is actually closely related to the Hanged Man and many consider it to be its opposite.  The Hanged Man being self-imposed limitation and life in suspension, The World, being opening, awakening, transformation, movement, travel, and success.  In what appears to have been a constrictive and confused energy the first week of the month, the second week ushers in a vast passage that is open and clear. Clarity in sight, old projects may come to a close.  In the highest vibration, The World can be anything one can hope for, wish for, dream of, or desire; or the clarity of knowing what these are.  The World in representation of a time period represents a great time for manifestation and restating one’s wishes for the present and future.  The World is a card of movement!  Therefore, instant manifestation can be a possibility with great faith, and confidence.  Just as the World can be considered closely related to the Hanged Man, it is also similarly related to the Wheel of Fortune; instilling the aspects of movement and break through, as well as positive achievement and positive energy flow.  A relevance that can indicated through the relation of these three cards is BALANCE.  In all things it is important to maintain balance and positive focus. Related to the month’s overall theme of celebration, The World falling in the second week of the month is a fantastic indicator that the party could be starting.

In the third week of the month, we are graced with the Queen of Wands. This Queen is the queen ruling, enterprise, communication, education, opportunities, and movement.   It is an interesting placement that this particular queen falls for the third week of the month; relating to the energies of the Mercury Retrograde.  Although, the planet stations on October 9, the effects of the retrograde energy remains in place, weakening until it is released around October 24, which falls within the period of the third week of the month.  That said, the during this period, movement and release are more apt to occur.  Seeking a new job, this could be the week you get the call you’ve been waiting for or get that promotion. This could be the point that the argument between you and a loved one is brought to a state of peaceful resolution. Expecting and waiting for funds? This could be the point that the check arrives in the mail.  This very well could be the point that clarity is achieved, bringing such confidence that new beginnings are joyfully pursued.  This could be a time of great ease of passage in general.  Being a card of action and communication, and relative to the overall card of the month, do not hesitate to celebrate all good things.  Find the positive in all things and make that the focus and see what comes to be.  If this is not the week the job call comes, hard feelings are muted, or the check arrives, know with joy that it is most likely on its way and right around the corner.  Simply softly return your thoughts and the hope of your heart back to what is needed and desired and say: “I allow and I trust.”

To finish off what appears to be a progressively positive month, The Sun graces us with his appearance representing the final week of October.  The Sun is truly the happiest card of the deck.  Joy, happiness, jubilation, liberation, and release, are all energies falling under the rule of the Sun. The Sun in its own right also carries the highest energies of clarity and of things coming to light.  Any confusions created prior to or early in the month should be moving with strength toward a place of clarity and fortitude. The Sun brings light to ALL things, so the Sun can effect any aspect of life. It is a positive light in the face of adversity in relationships and strives greatly to restore order, understanding, and openness in communications between friends and loved ones. Strive to maintain integrity and clarity in communication and watch your relationships blossom. It is most likely that new relationships beginning in and around this period could start with a bang and move with intensity and speed.  Allow ample time for relationships to flourish, and be formulated on strong solid foundations.  The sun being the energy fostering life itself, growth in any aspect of life is an excellent goal. Any positive efforts for the good are magnified during this period  It is a good indicator of good health, or of being a good time to shift more focus to overall health.     Whenever the Sun falls, I always explore the energies of the current zodiac sign it is transiting; with the Sun transiting the sign of Libra and Scorpio this month I feel it important to mention the virtues of BALANCE and PATIENCE as virtues of focus during this period.

It appears to be a good forecast for the month.  Always keep in mind that Tarot Forecasts are a general reading and may apply in full or partially more clearly to some than others.  Enjoy your October!

The Tarot images used in this forecast are from the MORGAN GREER TAROT.

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