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Essential Oil of the Month – August 2016

Clary Sage

The Oil of Clarity and Vision

Probably my most special relationship with Clary Sage is that I introduced it to my mother for sleep and relaxation. My mom passed in 2012, but every time I see clary sage, I think of her.

The Properties of Clary Sage:

  • Change of perception
  • Courage to “see” the truth
  • Dispels illusion
  • Realization of limiting beliefs
  • Openness to new ideas
  • Opens creative channels, clears creative blocks
  • Elimination of distractions
  • Quiets the mind to aid in the realization of created forces
  • Relaxation, sleep aid
  • Opens the dream world
  • Aids in the knowledge and use of one’s divine gifts
  • Clarification of spiritual visions
  • Development of discernment
  • Acceptance of the spiritual world

Clary Sage 15ml   $48.67                         

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