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Second Documentary Interview Coming Soon!


In late March of this year, I was asked by French film maker, Anthony Chene, producer of “Beyond Our Sight”, to film a second documentary interview. I met Anthony in Santa Barbara and did a very powerful interview on film. This latest film entitled, “From The Other Side”, will soon have a preview available on my website, and shortly after, a link will be made available to premier it in its entirety. I am so grateful to Anthony for his amazing talent and sensitivity to this subject, and for considering me for this project. I am very excited about this film, which highlights my journey and the work that I do and love so much. I will keep you informed by posting updates to my website about the status of this film.

COVID-19 Announcement


Due to Shelter In Place orders in response to the Coronavirus emergency, consultations will be conducted by phone and video chat only until further notice!

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