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Tarot Forecast October 1 – 10, 2016

The messenger for this tarot forecast period is the Seven of Pentacles, a card with the sincere advice to maintain the awareness of the fruits of one’s labor. The Seven of Pentacles represents a time in which this could pose somewhat challenging, not because achievements are limited, but moreover, the possibility that the full desired manifestation has not yet been achieved in its entirety, or may not be fully evident. Weariness from labor is evident, but the point of landing may have fallen somewhat short of the proposed outcome. It is important NOT to see this process as a failure, because in all earnest, it is probable that the full fruits of one’s labor could be more fully evident right around the corner.

With the fall of the Seven of Pentacles, it is a call to stay centered and not to fall victim to one’s thoughts of judgment. Any expression of this kind could cause further shortfall, or act as a sabotaging force in that which one is attempting to manifest. It is much more powerful at this moment to take a complete assessment of what the original goal may have been and to mark off the list every and all things accomplished in attempts of its creation. Each item on the list that has been marked off is an accomplishment. Significance or non-significance is irrelevant because any accomplishment is an accomplishment and does not need to be judged.

We are exiting the post-retrograde period of the planet Mercury on October 6, which falls within this forecasted period. Mercury’s retrograde periods are very robust in the clarification of what is needed, and what one has to work to achieve. It is an excellent time to take a full assessment and make an examination of goals and desires and make determinations as to what the further steps may be required for achieving those goals. As the post-retrograde period comes to a close, one final assessment could be well in order; like checking over the answers on an exam one last time, before it is turned in for grading. This reassessment will also bring about clarity as to what additional steps may be required, or what shifts in direction could aid in the desired achievement or its improvement.

The key to the selection of this card as our messenger for this period is to remain clear of unneeded thoughts of judgment, negativity, and shame in any form.

It is important to see the Seven of Pentacles as receiving the pat on the back one deserves for all achievements made, and as giving encouragement that the finish line, may be just ahead, but require one final push to bring goals to fruition. It is a messenger meant to clarify, assist and encourage, not to break down or instill feelings of defeat or failure.

Stand clear of all illusions around timing, because in truth, everything is right on schedule.

Stay in a place of sincere gratitude for unknown blessings already on their way!

Tarot forecasts are like reading a horoscope in the newspaper or magazine. It is an observation for the general public based on the drawing of one card for every ten-day period of the month. Check in on October 10 for the next forecast relating to October 10 – 20, 2016.

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