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A Loving Gift From The Other Side

rose-1231353_1280It is not often that I share the experiences of my readings with the general public, but the session I did today for a couple of new clients has moved me to the core of my heart and filled me, my heart, and my home with so much love it is literally over flowing.

I was recently contacted by a very nice young lady from the Central Valley area of California, over 100 miles away from my home office regarding an appointment. Her concern was for her mother, who just lost her husband weeks before at a young age and completely unexpectedly.

This polite young lady had found me on-line and called me to get a feel for me and my work with the hope that I would be able to bring her mother peace in the course of her grief and anguish due to her tragic loss. Following our discussion, she felt I was a good fit and could help them, and told me she would check with her mom and get back to me. A bit later, she contacted me through e-mail to let me know her mom had said it was too soon for her to try anything like this. I let her know with great compassion that I could understand her position and that I would gladly be here to help when her mom felt she was ready.

Shortly after that, these young women indeed came to meet with me, and the session we shared was truly one of the most profound communications with the other side I have ever had. I was touched and quite frankly blown away that they had traveled so far to see me. I advised them both what they could expect in their session and immediately let them know that I had no other pending appointments today and that we were going to go off the clock and be here until we accomplish what needed to be accomplished.

They expressed their sense of unease with my use of the tarot cards, but I gently let them know that they are merely a point of focus for me, and that although I do lay them out for each reading, it is possible that I’d not spend a lot of time, if any, looking at or interpreting cards, as they’d come with the intention of connecting with their newly departed loved one.

We agreed to continue, and I had the mother mix the tarot deck, putting her energies and questions into the cards as she gently shuffled. As she mixed, I closed my eyes and asked for the aid in helping her in whatever she might need and asked for a great healing for her heart. She handed the cards back, I laid them out and asked her if she had any specific questions she wanted me to answer. I was quite impressed with her as she had come well prepared with a list of multiple questions in the notes of her cell phone.

Just as I began to briefly glance at her questions, her husband instantly came through to me loud and clear speaking to her in words as if he were addressing her directly. It was strong, it was clear, and after a fairly brief amount of time, it was clear, while reading through her questions with a bit more detail, that in fact many of them could have simply been marked off the list as they had indeed already been answered without even being seen or asked of me.

Many details were given about his death process, his transition in spirit, his condition on the other side, his love for her, and many detailed things that rang so true that they both could feel him present with us. Answer after answer came through loud and clear. There were tears, and laughter, and moments of strong advice followed by moments of intense emotional processing.

After an hour and fifteen minutes of spiritual connection with them, with so many questions answered, and so much processed emotionally, this man on the other side, directed my attention outside to my patio, where grew a perfect rose at the absolute peak of its blooming. I heard him whisper to me softly and ask me if I would be so kind, to cut that particular rose and give it to her as a gift from him. I asked her not to look, to close her eyes, and told her I would be right back. As her daughter watched, I went directly to my patio and cut the rose for her mother. As I returned to the room, the daughter began to cry with a notable sincere intensity, and as I presented the perfect blossom to her mother in his name, their tears fell like a running river from their eyes. It was truthfully a beautiful rose, and truly one of the most fragrant I have ever smelled. As soon as this gift was presented the daughter told me with such appreciation and amazing sincerity,

“We were just talking last night about the time he presented her with a rose!”

As we checked in together to ensure no other questions remained unanswered, and reluctantly began to wrap things up, these sweet ladies thanked me so profoundly. In checking in with them, they assured me that their experience had been beautiful, healing, joyful, and exactly what they had needed and hoped for. I was so grateful and so blessedly pleased to see the fruits of my work with them with such vivid clarity.

As beautiful as this session was it was also such a tremendous humbling of my heart. It has never been easy for me to toot my own horn, or lay claim to being the source of my connection with the other side. As greatly as this session blessed my heart with the reverence I have for what I do, it made me so thankful to be a vessel for which the love of spirit and healing gifts can flow. It has renewed in me an even greater love of what I do, those I am blessed to do it for, and who I am doing it.

I love what I do, and I would love to be of service to anyone interested and in need. I understand and support intelligent scrutiny in one’s selection of providers in my professional field. Integrity and transparency are of the utmost importance to me. I’d welcome you to research me through my website: https://www.terryyoder.com or Google search. If you feel we are a potential match, it would be a joy and honor to be of service.

Over the past few years I have been featured in two documentary interviews, both of which are available for full length viewing on my website’s Media page: https://www.terryyoder.com/media/

Sessions are provided in person at my San Francisco and East Bay offices as well as by telephone, Skype, and FaceTime by appointment only. Online scheduling is provided at my website listed above.

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